Crystal Cruises

Transition project for evolving the entire online experience for Crystal Cruises. Spear heading initial RFP to designing the initial prototype efforts, to serving as lead visual engineer of final product.

All Inclusive Meets All Exclusive. Crystal Cruise was among the top rated luxury cruise liners in the industry, with 3 ship classes to support. Their legacy online experience was dated both in visual execution as well as CMS integration, leveraging an older system called Sitefinity. Sitefinity had many limitations with deployments and managing content in real time environments.

Agency Partnership (RFP)

For this effort, we vetted many agencies to assist in this project and ultimately signed a partnership with MRM (NY Agency) to leverage their development resources and design teams to flesh out the perfect ecosystem to address all these needs. We held weekly sprints and worked in an Agile environment to refine our Journey maps and structure a content hierarchy that presented the strongest solutions to the challenges outlined in our RFP.

As the Principal UI/UX and lead designer of the Digital Marketing team, I built and optimized the prototype that served through initial usability tests and leadership approvals. I was ultimately recruited to work with NCL immediately following those efforts and the final development phases were completed by MRM.