NCL Viva Microsite

Microsite to showcase the beauty and technological achievements in luxury cruising that the new line of NCL ships will provide to their guests. A template was needed that showcased these considerations and would support each release moving forward.

Unveiling Beauty, Luxury and Function

The organization has built a new class of ships to be added to the NCL fleet. This new class is focused purely on a luxury experience, complimented with state of the art technology and enhanced virtual and interactive experiences in every area of the ship. A Template was needed that could emphasize and present these enhancements, while being flexible enough to support all content related considerations as additional ships (in this new class) are completed and prepared for sailing.

The final look and feel is a mix of new and existing modules with an information hierarchy that is fleshed out with both marketing and content teams within the organization. A motion artist is leveraged for hero banner cinema-graphics and a 3d team for venue representations modeled after the actual environments.

The link to view this completed experience is: