Lead Gen Personalization

Lead gen personalization was an effort to enhance the quality of leads being captured while increasing conversion metrics and introducing personalization efforts to our guests. Our ultimate goal was to assist in creating Catered Cruise Search Results for logged users.

Lead Generation Form - Redesigned

This project was a connected effort in the process of redesigning the NCL online experience. Through a series of A/B test ran on the existing legacy lead generation form, we had identified the stronger attributes to its design and performance and wanted to create an experience leveraging our new design language system. Having identified these opportunities for increased engagement, we additionally decided to explore a transition into personalization for an experiment on capturing guests interests to yield catered cruise search results for users.

Cruise Search Results Personalization

The effort for testing into personalization through our lead generation form was forked into two efforts. Phase one would entail a path leveraging existing components while targeting a speed to market context with minimal bandwidth on the development team for execution into production. Phase two would entail a path that would be created to leverage a more aspirational approach to hook user interest with a elevated prominence in visual engagement.

The team had recently reviewed metrics from research channels indicating our target audience is requiring more visual imagery to capture and compel the guests interests in order to achieve greater engagement in their booking journey. The phase two path was designed as a deployment that would leverage a larger body of work to achieve this consideration, as it would involve the creation of a number of new components and modules to support the experience.

Once the user has completed the series of cruise preference related questions presented to them, the modal will close and the user will find themselves on our Cruise Search Results page with catered cruise cards showing that will be specific to their selections.

Homepage Personalization

Once a repository is created and we have captured user data to supply interests and insights needed to personalize a guests full experience on our website, we will focus on a dynamic shift of our homepage modules to be personalized for a logged guest first entering our online experience. Below is an informational breakdown of such opportunities to be explored for the ncl.com homepage.

Visual Design

Below is the visual design exercise of our Lead Generation & Personalization flow. These comps represent the visual exploration of the above displayed wireframes.